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Why retrofit with LUXADD™

T12 Lighting Phase out

The U.S. Department of Energy's fluorescent lighting mandate is in effect. As of July 1, 2010 magnetic ballasts most commonly used for the operation of T12 lamps are no longer being produced for commercial and industrial applications. Also, most of the T12 lamps will be phased out of production starting July 2012.

1. Why are T12 fluorescent systems being phased out?
Answer: T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts are considered outdated compared to the far more energy efficient T8 and T5 fluorescent technologies now available. The Department of Energy's objective is to remove less efficient T12 fluorescent systems from the market, and thus being more ecological friendly and increase lighting energy efficiency for commercial applications and private households.
2. What should I be prepared for?
Answer: Manufacturers will be phasing out their production of T12 lamps thus there will be progressively less availability of T12 lamps. Most of the T12 magnetic ballasts are already phased out. Cost of T12 lamps and ballasts will increase due to demand vs. limited supply.
In addition, to keep up with federal regulations of energy efficiency, manufacturers' technology and production will be focused on T8 and T5 systems.
3. Why should I choose LUXADD™ over conventional retrofitting?
Conventional retrofitting is labor intense by replacing the fixture or replacing the ballast. Also, T5 tubes are shorter and therefore, retrofitters settle for the less efficient solutions with T8 tubes which are the same size as T12 but offer less savings than T5 lamps. The LUXADD™ solution combines physical and electronically adaptation of T12 lamps (longer, 1199 mm) to the newest and most energy efficient T5 lamp technology (shorter, 1149mm).
4. Is there really no other company that offers a similar retrofit solution?
There are a couple of so called Retrofit Kits imported from China in the market, however, all of them need the ballast bridged or replaced. Some of the distributors are falsely claiming to be an all-in-one solution and do not explain the rewiring issues on their websites.
The LUXADD™ technology is completely new and groundbreaking technology. We are the only company which provides a retrofit solution without changing or rewiring the ballast. With LUXADD™ retrofitting becomes as easy as changing a light bulb.
5. But if the LUXADD™ technology is new and unique, is it more expensive than conventional retrofitting?
On the contrary! The LUXADD™ express retrofit kit series are less expensive that conventional retrofit kits and in addition to that, you will have additional savings because with LUXADD™ you will have no labor costs and no downtime.
6. What type of energy savings can I expect for upgrading?
Answer: With the new LUXADD™ technology managers of commercial facilities and homeowners can select from several upgrade scenarios which could result in instant lighting energy savings as high as 75 percent, with attractive 6 months to 1.5 years simple paybacks to the energy user. In addition, you will save up to 15% on you air-conditioning energy. In most cases this is more than you would receive through support by State organized energy saving programs.
In addition, since the DOE mandate became effective 2010, it became common practice to retrofitting T12 systems, as it is the customer's only option for maintaining their current lighting system. State organized energy savings incentive programs will likely not support commercial and industrial T12 system retrofits in the future. Most of the T12 retrofitting incentives are already phased out and the new government imposed spending cuts will not allow for more incentives.
7. Should I gradually retrofit my T12 magnetic ballast system or should I change it all at once?
Answer: With LUXADD™ you have the option to gradually upgrade your system or retrofit your system from T12 or T8 to T5 lamps at one time. Therefore, you can have instant energy savings with gradually investments. However, the saving with LUXADD™ are so substantial, that it is more economical to change it all in once. In addition, you will profit from volume pricing and shipping.
8. Where are the LUXADD™ T12 / T8 to T5 expresss Retrofit Kits manufactured?
Answer: The concept of our LUXADD™ T12 / T8 to T5 express Retrofits Kits technology derives from German technology, but they are engineered and produced in the United States of America which saves energy on shipping and keeps us in control of the manufacturing process. Additionally it gives us excellent know how and provides jobs in the United States.



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