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Benefits of retrofitting with LUXADD™

1. Instant energy savings between 40% and 75%. Average payback time, ROI,  is less than 1 year.


Our LUXADD Express T12 to T5 Retrofit Kit (conversion adapter) is designed to retrofit old T12 fluorescent light tube fixtures (magnetic ballast), to the newest technology of T5 fluorescent lamps (electronic ballast). The upgrade from the old magnetic T12 fixture with our labor free Express T5 Retrofit Kit results in instant energy savings of 40%-75%. The LUXADD™ single lamp Express T5 Retrofit Kit saves between 40 and 45% of energy and the LUXADD™  two lamp Express T5 Retrofit Kit (1-for-2 retrofit – suitable for most applications) instantly saves between 70 and 75% of energy depending on the ballast in the current T12 system. If you look at the savings tabloid below, you can see how fast the LUXADD™ T5 Retrofit Kits pay for themselves. The average payback time is less than a year. This calculation does not even include the following additional savings: no labor costs, no downtime and lower air-conditioning costs due to less heating.


2. Better light quality through high frequency operation.


Our LUXADD™ Express T12 to T5 Retrofit Kit operates with high frequency electronic ballast and eliminates entirely the dangerous stroboscopic effect (eye-tiring flickering). The lumen maintenance of a T5 tube is 10 times more efficient than the lumen maintenance of a T12 tube. These combined features (high frequency, lumen maintenance) lead to a better light quality and higher lumen and foot-candle output.


3. Installation within seconds. (Like changing a light bulb - no labor costs - no downtime).


Installation like changing a light bulb within seconds:
Step 1: Remove old T12 fluorescent tube
Step 2: Connect new T5 fluorescent tube to LUXADD Express T5 Retrofit Kit
Step 3: Install LUXADD Express T5 Retrofit Kit with the T5 fluorescent bulb like a tube


4. Using T5 technology without changing the lighting fixture or bypassing the ballast. No competitor can offer this.


One of the great advantages of the LUXADD Express T12 to T5 Retrofit Kit is that the existing magnetic ballast does not need to be replaced or bypassed, as usually done with conventional retrofit kits. This feature allows for quick and easy conversion with no labor costs and no downtime. LUXADD is the only retrofit kit in the market, which can offer great savings, better light quality and such convenience at the same time.


5. 1-for-2 retrofit: in most applications only half of the amount of light bulbs needed


A 1-for-2 retrofit with our LUXADD Express T12 to T5 Retrofit Kit  is suitable for most applications and instantly saves between 70 and 75% of energy consumption depending on the ballast in the current T12 system. In addition, you will have to buy and replace half of the amount of light tubes in the future.





Electricity Cost
WITHOUT LUXADD Express T5 Retrofit Kit
Electricity Cost
WITH LUXADD Express T5 Retrofit Kit
 100 Tubes  * 48 Watts per tube  = 21,024 KWh/yr   50 Tubes  * 28 Watts per tube  = 6,132 KWh/yr 
Annual Electricity Cost:
2,522.88 USD
Annual Electricity Cost:
735.84 USD

Calculations based on the following numbers:

- average KWh price in the US: 0.12 US-$ per KWh
- lighting period: 12 hours/day
- 1-for-2 retrofitting



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