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LUXADD™ develops and produces electronic lighting innovations in the field retrofitting which are focused on energy savings and low maintenance costs. All products are designed to be technologically smart and therefore simple for end-users. It is our goal to support and promote energy efficiency across the U.S. and abroad.


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Our products are engineered and produced in the United States of America which saves energy on shipping and keeps us in control of the manufacturing process. Additionally it gives us excellent know how and provides jobs in the United States. Many soldering processes for similar products are outsourced to countries with cheap labor forces. We believe that you can achieve competitive products by using domestic resources. We are not alone with this view:


President Obama“China is building faster trains and newer airports.  Meanwhile, when our own engineers graded our nation's infrastructure, they gave us a “D.” We have to do better. America is the nation that built the transcontinental railroad, brought electricity to rural communities, and constructed the interstate highway system. The jobs created by these projects didn't just come from laying down tracks or pavement. They came from businesses that opened near a town's new train station or the new off-ramp. We'll invest in clean energy technology, an investment that will strengthen our security, protect our planet, and create countless new jobs for our people.”

- Barack Obama January 2011



John Boehner (R - OH)“The House Republicans’ American Energy Act is the fastest route to a cleaner environment, lower energy costs, and more American jobs. It will produce more American energy in an environmentally safe way, promoting the use of increased efficiencies and cutting edge technologies to maximize America’s energy potential.”

- John Boehner October 2009



With the savings on energy we do not only have a greener environment in mind. We want to give our customer the best light output and energy input ratio possible to provide them with energy savings and better light for themselves, employees or customers.


Already in the development process LUXADD™ has its engineers focused on simple installation and low maintenance. As a result we have developed our LUXADD™ Express T5 Retrofit Kit series including ballast which do not need any bypassing of old ballasts or the help of a professional for the installation process. To keep the maintenance simple and in long intervals we use starter options which are tailor made for a special application. This will extend the life of light bulbs when they are used together with occupancy sensors or daylight harvesting technique.


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