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Express T5 Retrofit Kit Receives UL Approval NEW: The Ultra Slim LED Drop-In Panel ROI at less than one year Like changing a light bulb Sustainability & Quality
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LUXADD™ - Express T5 Retrofit Kit Series for T12 & T8

T12 Lighting Phase-out

Since July 2012, the Department of Energy (DOE) regulations are eliminating and replacing an estimated 500 million T12 tubes which will save more than $10 Billion in electricity nationwide. LUXADD™ offers both a budget T5 “SNAP-IN” retrofit and a state of the art LED Panel “DROP-IN” retrofit solution. Now is the time to act!

ROI less than 1 Year

Especially in times of economic hardship a quick Return on Investment (ROI) has become crucial. Lighting is the low hanging fruit when it comes to energy savings. Only LUXADD offers a labor free “SNAP-IN” Express T5 Retrofit Kit for T12 & T8 providing the highest ROI in the lighting retrofit market. And the ultra slim LED “Drop-In” Panels replace the old fixtures entirely in only a few minutes.

"SNAP" = 80% less Energy!

LUXADD’s easy adoptable conversion technology is entirely eliminating the transition process of retrofitting less efficient T12 & T8 linear fluorescent lighting systems to T5, the leader in energy efficiency and lighting quality. You can save up to 80% energy and reduce your carbon footprint up to 60% with just one simple “SNAP” – like changing a light bulb.

Ultra thin "Drop-In" LED Panel

Whether it’s new construction or a fixture retrofit, building owners can finally say “good-bye” to fluorescent tubes and dated lighting fixtures. The new “DROP-IN” LED panels bring the possibility of chic, modern styling to traditionally uninspired commercial ceiling space. The ultra-thin recessed profile maximizes ceiling space and allows for easy installation in common grid designs.
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