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Robust Growth for T5 and T8 Lamp Shipments during First Half of 2011

Both NEMA and Electrical Marketing's LIVEWIRE report higher T5 and T8 Sales in 2011

BY NEMA and Electrical Marketing's LIVEWIRE, September 19th, 2011

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA - and Electrical Marketing's LIVEWIRE ( report a strong increase both in T5 as well as T8 sales and shipments in the first half of 2011. T5 sales increased more than 30% and even the older and less efficient T8 technology mustered an increase in double digits (12.5%) - in contrast the out-dated T12 lamps declined by 11.1%.

The market shares are now at 7.6% (+0.2%) for T5 lamps, T12 bulbs at 30.0% (-0.3%) and the vast majority of sold bulbs are still coming from the T8 technology at 62.4% (+0.1%).


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