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MARKET NEWS - Electrical News on Express T5 Retrofit Kit | LUXADD™
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LUXADD introduces the Express T5 Retrofit Kit Series for Greener, more efficient fluorescent lighting

Lighting is the single largest user of electricity in the U.S. New, patented technology from LUXADD™ allows for easy retrofitting of older, less efficient fluorescent lighting systems to T5, the leader in energy efficiency and lighting quality. The T5 saves up to 73% on lighting energy and reduces a company’scarbon footprint up to 60% with just one simple “SNAP” – like changing a light bulb. The Lighting Technology for all commercial and residential applications inthe U.S. and Canada.

LUXADD’S Express T5 Retrofit Kit for T12 & T8 pays for itself with labor and energy savings within one year – and then continues to reduce lighting energy bills for building by up to 73% every year and a/c energy up to 15%. LUXADD™ offers the only linear fluorescentlighting conversion adapter specifically designed for the US and Canadian market. It is designed for all residential and commercial applications. LUXADD™ is “Made in the USA” in effort to create new “green” jobs, promote a sustainable supply chain and ensure quality control.

Rising energy costs directly impact all buildings in the U.S. Retail and service buildings in the U.S. use 149 billion kWh (or 508 trillion Btu) of site electricity (electricity consumed within the building) each year. This electricity is used for a variety of different purposes, the most being used for lighting (59%).

The majority of this electricity is used for lighting and office equipment (24%) (such as computers, printers, faxes and photocopiers). Both lighting and office equipment produce heat, requiring more air conditioning – another electricity end use – to cool the buildings.

The following percentage of electricity used simply to light different types of buildings includes: Retail and Service: 59%; Education: 56%; Office: 44%; Health Care: 44%; Food Service: 30%.

Most of the standard fluorescent lights in millions of buildings will need to be replaced starting in July 2012. The Department of Energy (DOE) regulations will eliminate the most common T12 tubes. It is estimated that the replacement of 500 million T12 tubes would produce an annual saving of $10 Billion in electricity costs nationwide.

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LUXADD™ is a lighting solution provider based in Miami, FL

Environmental concerns, escalating energy costs and highly competitive economic conditions have created strong demand for energy efficient products that will help to conserve energy, save money and promote a healthy environment. LUXADD™ meets this need with products that dramatically reduce electricity consumption instantly while producing higher quality light. LUXADD™ is a registered trademark and the conversion adapter – the LUXADD Express T5 Retrofit Kit series is a patented technology. The company’s products are in compliance with the LEED and NAHB green building standards.



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