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MARKET NEWS - PRESS RELEASE - LUXADD launches second labor-free Energy saving Technology | LUXADD™
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Express T5 Retrofit Kit for T8 - LUXADD™ launches second labor-free Energy saving Technology

Conventional retrofitting is labor intense by replacing the fixture or replacing the ballast. LUXADD™ develops once more a revolutionary lighting conversion technology and launches the all new labor-free Express T5 Retrofit Kit for T8; Benefits are an extension of lamp life by up to 75% and energy savings up to 60% with our programmed start kit in conjunction with occupancy sensor.


Miami, FL, August 10, 2011-The cutting-edge LUXADD™ Express T5 Retrofit Kit for T8 converts T8 electronic ballast fixtures into T5 fixtures with improved starter systems which will save up to 60% in lighting energy, another 10% on a/c energy and extends the life of the tube up to 75%.

The majority of T8 fixtures are working with an instant start system which decreases the life of the tubes considerably, depending on the use. Our new LUXADD™ Express T5 Retrofit Kit for T8 starts the lighting system with a minimum impact on the lamps itself. The instant start T8 technology if used with occupancy sensors, will wipe out energy savings with its up to 75% reduction of bulb lifespan. The LUXADD™ programmed start technology will allow occupancy sensor or daylight harvesting to work without the “killing” effect on bulbs.

The newest and most efficient florescent lighting solution of today is the T5 technology with an output of 105 lumens per watt. The outdated T12 technology offers only 60 lumens per watt and T8 technology still offers only 93 lumens per watt. More lumens per watt mean more light for your money.

“Unfortunately, many decision makers of new installations have chosen the less efficient T8 technology due to their non awareness of the new T5 technology and provider of recent retrofit solutions are settling for the older technology because T8 has the same lamp length as T12.” explains Thomas Hoffmann, Partner at LUXADD. “But we found a technology that combines all retrofit steps in one simple product. The LUXADD™ Express T5 Retrofit Kit series for T8 converts lighting fixtures electronically and physically to the newest T5 technology with lamp saving starter electronic.”

Key benefits of retrofitting with the LUXADD™ Express T5 Retrofit Kit for T8 conversion technology:

  1. Instant savings average from 20% (rapid start kit) to 60% (programmed start kit in conjunction with occupancy sensor) on lighting energy and up to 10% on air-conditioning charges.
  2. Programmed start technology with occupancy sensor extends lifespan of tube up to 75%.
  3. The LUXADD™ solution is less expensive than conventional retrofitting due to high volume pricing and substantial savings in labor costs.
  4. Better light quality through better lumen maintenance and best color rendering in the industry (highest CRI factor)
  5. Labor-free Installation within seconds - no downtime.
  6. LUXADD™ is the only T5 Retrofit Kit “made in the USA”.

LUXADD LLC is a lighting solution provider based in Miami, FL and is comprised of experts dedicated to developing new technologies for energy efficient lighting, the single largest consumer of electricity worldwide. LUXADD’s team of engineers and sustainability experts in Europe and the United States have developed the most technologically advanced and energy efficient retrofitting solutions on the market. LUXADD™ believes in American manufacturing and on-site quality control.

LUXADD™ is a registered trademark and our technology is patented.

For more information go to or follow us on facebook at Contact:; +1 305 373 7909



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